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Bankruptcy Attorney in Wheeling

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Are you looking for high-quality legal guidance through a bankruptcy case? Are you looking for a solution to your overwhelming debt? No matter your current financial situation, our Wheeling bankruptcy lawyer is wholeheartedly committed to helping you achieve long-term financial debt relief.

Why Do Clients Choose Thomas E. McIntire & Associates, LC?

  • Offer free case consultations to our potential clients
  • We have successfully helped thousands of individuals overcome debt and other financial issues
  • Creative and comprehensive debt-relief solutions
  • Compassionate and ethical legal services that help you restore your credit

At Thomas E. McIntire & Associates, LC, we can provide you with the assistance you need to become debt-free. We devote extensive time, energy, and attention to individuals who are pursuing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. With a proven record of results, clients can trust in the work that we offer to address their foreclosures and creditor harassment issues.

Relief from debt can be just a phone call away! Call our Wheeling bankruptcy lawyer at 304-202-1159​ for a FREE CASE CONSULTATION today.

We’ve helped thousands of former clients. Let us help you, too.

Wheeling Bankruptcy For nearly 30 years, we have been helping people like you who are faced with complex debt matters. During an initial case assessment, our objective is to determine a solution that can help you put an end to your debt – once and for all. Together, we can help you regain your financial footing.

At Thomas E. McIntire & Associates, we always strive to create a calming environment for our clients. With a down-to-earth atmosphere, our clients can feel comfortable trusting us with their personal concerns and financial future. We are real people just like you. At our caring, compassionate law office, you can learn how to resolve a financial problem that is the result of something beyond your control.

We help people who have fallen into debt after the loss of a loved one, loss of household income, loss of health, or after experiencing other overwhelming problems. You may be feeling extremely stressed, but our Wheeling bankruptcy attorney can explain your options to you and help you understand that filing for bankruptcy protection is something many people need to do and benefit from, including famous successes such as Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, and Henry Ford.

Personal attention. Tailored solutions.

You can trust in the representation that is offered at Thomas E. McIntire & Associates. We provide personal attention to each individual we serve. Every client works directly with our founding attorney, no matter what the case involves.

We work toward a personalized resolution for each client regarding any type of debt that he or she is seeking to eliminate. Clients with overwhelming credit card debt or other types of debt should not handle their situations on their own. If you need assistance suing debt collectors for illegal actions taken against you, we can help!

Call Thomas E. McIntire & Associates, LC Today

If you have come to the point of considering filing for bankruptcy, you have already realized your need for help. At Thomas E. McIntire & Associates, we want to be the solution you require. We are well-versed in all relevant consumer protection laws and will be able to explain how they apply to your specific case. Keep in mind that there are solutions for your debt problems – and we are here to help create the best possible resolution for you.

Wheeling Bankruptcy

If you are still wondering why you should hire our bankruptcy law firm, consider the following:

  • The bankruptcy process is typically too complex to handle on your own
  • We can assist with credit restoration
  • We are prepared to go the full distance with your case in or out of court
  • We can assist with foreclosure issues
  • We can help you fight creditor harassment

Contact us for the legal guidance you need in Wheeling, WV. If you prefer, call 304-202-1159 to request your free and confidential consultation.

Our bankruptcy lawyer in Wheeling also can serve clients from our satellite office in New Martinsville.